At the local level, the advocacy program consists of the Human Rights Advocates and the Local Human Rights Committee.

The Advocates

Each person who resides at CVTC is assured of his or her legal rights and care consistent with basic human dignity.  These rights are established within the reasonable capabilities and limitations of the department's funded programs and are consistent with sound therapeutic treatment.  Human Rights Advocates are available to respond to complaints regarding rights violations.  Advocates assigned to CVTC are independent of the Facility Director and report directly to the Office of Human Rights of the Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.  

Human Rights Advocates are charged with: 

The client rights process strives to resolve complaints first in an informal manner through the Facility Director.  If this is not possible, a formal complaint process, which includes  the Human Rights Advocate and the Local Human Rights Committee, is utilized to assist with complaint resolution.

The Local Human Rights Committee

The Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC) is a group of five or more members who are broadly representative of various community, professional and consumer groups with an interest in Mental Health, Mental Retardation or Substance Abuse issues.  Consumers and family members are an integral part of the committee's composition and it is the goal of each committee to maintain objectivity through balanced diversity.  Appointed by the State Human Rights Committee for terms of from one to three years, the members are unpaid volunteers who perform certain oversight functions regarding facility and community programs and practices.  The committee also hears complaints that cannot be resolved at the facility level.  The LHRC meets on a monthly basis and all committee proceedings strictly observe client confidentiality.

The CVTC LHRC is always interested in hearing from individuals who have an interest in serving as members.  If you would like to find out more information about the LHRC or for inquiries regarding committee membership, please contact Beth Lee, Human Rights Advocate (434-947-6230 or   A personal interview is required of all applicants for committee membership, and final decisions regarding appointments are made by the State Human Rights Committee.