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Visitors include any person who does not live or work at CVTC and persons previously approved to be on campus such as students/interns or volunteers.  All other persons are considered visitors or vendors.  See # 1 below for information pertaining to vendors.

These rules are posted on the facility’s web site at www.cvtc.dbhds.virginia.org  and also at the Front Desk.

1. Visitors must check in at the Communications Center in the lobby of the Administration Building (#60). If in a group, only the group leader need check in. All vendor representatives must make their presence known to the facility by also reporting to and signing in at the Purchasing Office in Building #60. Virginia State authorized vendors/contractors must obtain advance permission for campus visits by calling (434-947- 6314) Participants in CVTC Staff Development training programs or other State agency training sessions or State agency meetings held on campus may report directly to the training/meeting site without checking in at the Communication Center / Front Desk.

2. Groups are responsible for providing proper and adequate supervision for their staff/clients while attending activities on the CVTC campus.

3. Do not give individuals in residence any food, drinks or money, visitors must consult with the individual's assigned staff. (Note: Vendors/Contractors are told that they cannot give food, drink or money to Individuals.)

4. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on campus.

5. Weapons are not permitted on campus except when carried by law enforcement.

6. No photography, audio and/or video recording of individuals in residence is permitted without prior authorization from the Facility Director/designee.  This restriction also applies to all campus buildings and the grounds.

7. Due to the potential violation of privacy of individuals in residence and employees, neither the camera nor the video/audio recording feature of any personal electronic device may be used anywhere on campus. 

8.  CVTC is a smoke free facility.  Smoking or use of any tobacco product is NOT permitted by anyone, including individuals in residence, anywhere on campus, whether indoors or outdoors.  The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited on campus.

9. Observe the campus wide 15 mph speed limit. Park only in designated areas. DO NOT park in fire lanes, on the grass or in any way that blocks building access. Parking and moving violations will be ticketed.

10. All vehicles must be locked and have the engine off when unoccupied. Windows should be closed to the point where access to the interior is blocked. Do not leave unsecured valuables in plain sight on seats, dashboard or rear decks.

11. Vending machines are located in the Canteen on the first floor of the Nagler Building (#50).

12. Visitors should not use CVTC telephones without permission. 

13. Pets are not permitted on the CVTC campus unless they are service animals or part of an authorized pet therapy program.

14. Please do not litter on campus. Properly clean up after all events.

15.  Loose vinyl, plastic or rubber gloves used during equipment repair, product presentation, food service and the like, can present a life threatening hazard to individuals in residence.  Secure gloves at all times and DO NOT dispose of gloves in facility trash cans or dumpsters.  Ask staff for the location of the closest glove disposal container.

16. CVTC is not responsible for any damage to vehicles or personal property that may occur on campus.

17. In case of a medical, individual in residence or campus emergency, activate facility emergency services by calling 947 – 6111. Dial 9 to get an outside line if using a CVTC phone.

18. Any visitor or relative (of both staff and individuals in residence) under the age of 12 must be under parental supervision at all times when on campus.

19.  Do not enter buildings or living areas in which you have no business. Friends, relatives and other visitors (even when accompanied by CVTC staff) who are not on campus on official business may never enter the Power Plant, Laboratories, X-ray, Pharmacy Controlled Drug Room, Dental Clinic, Infirmary / Isolation Rooms and areas posted as “Hazardous” or “Restricted.”

20. If a building is posted “No Trespassing” visitors are not allowed to enter the building without approval from the Facility Director.  

21. Visiting Virginia State agency vehicles may be refueled at PPS between the hours of 0730 and 1500, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays.

22. Solicitation and distribution are prohibited on campus, including in parking lots.

23. CVTC does not tolerate sexual or workplace harassment.

24. Individuals in residence may not be transported in private vehicles except by family members (during their campus visits and in connection with authorized off-campus visits).

25. Persons who come on campus without permission and enter buildings that are permanently closed may be charged with trespassing on state property.

26. Visitors will be held responsible for their conduct and any damage to CVTC buildings, grounds, and equipment. CVTC Security Officers may escort visitors off campus if their behavior is deemed unacceptable or initiate an arrest if the behavior is in violation of law.


Revised:  4/5/17