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On behalf of Central Virginia Training Center, I would like to welcome you to our website.  CVTC is dedicated to providing each individual with  services designed to meet his or her needs in a safe and secure environment.  We strive to foster each individual's sense of personal worth and dignity .  

CVTC provides a full range of supports and services for persons with intellectual disabilities including Intermediate Care and Skilled Nursing living areas, an extensive array of day and evening activity programs, various clinical professional therapies as well as medical and dental services for the persons who live at CVTC. In addition, we operate a Regional Community Services Center dedicated to providing outreach services to persons with intellectual disabilities throughout the Central Virginia region.

All admissions to CVTC are time limited and voluntary.  The first step in making an application is to contact the local Community Service Board (CSB) for a pre-screening report that includes a review of less restrictive alternatives.  For admission to occur, there must be no less restrictive placement alternatives available and the facility must have both the space available and the necessary supports to meet the applicant's needs.

CVTC's programs are aimed towards developing a range of appropriate residential alternatives for the individual.  These may involve on-campus living, supported living or community care.  In many cases, eventual community placement will be possible.  The assigned Social Worker involves the individual, the family or authorized representative and the facility interdisciplinary team in all phases of the discharge planning.  CVTC coordinates a centralized discharge program with the respective CSB to insure each client appropriate community placement, after care and follow-up services.  

If you have questions about the facility or would like to arrange a visit, please contact the office of our  Coordinator for Community and Social Services Director (434-947-6220 or denise.forbes@dbhds.virginia.gov).  




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